Needed a break from work. Decided to do a digital portrait. Once I was done with the painting I decided to go back and look at the versions of Taylor I did 4 years back. What I thought was great work then felt like crap. I felt very happy knowing how far I have come. Sheer Artist's Bliss :)
See for yourself :)
Taylor from 2010
Taylor from 2011

Inspired by the rain

Painted this inspired by last weekend's rains.

Beard Lord Concept

Concept painted using Krita and Gimp. I'm loving the open source alternatives to Photoshop.

Female portrait

I just painted my best female portrait so far and I'm so excited !


For a long time I have been wanting to create some art work using Krita, an open source paint program. I finally succeeded having got a break from work.

Digital Painting exercise

I have started practicing digital painting again. This one was painted using reference.


Lately I've been trying to learn CG lighting. Decided to do a digital painting after a long time.  Keeping the details limited helps me concentrate more on the light and color.

Charminar Remake

This is a remake of one of my old artworks. This might make it to the cover of a story book soon :)

Sketchfab !

Now you can view my modelling work in 3D. Uploaded my latest work on sketchfab.

Magic Bus

Inspired by the movie 'Into the wild' (2007) based on the travels of Christopher McCandless across North America and his life spent in the Alaskan wilderness in the early 1990s. This bus happens to be the shelter of the protagonist during the last few days of his life.


Here's my latest 3D render. Rendered using Blender Internal. Spent almost 12 days straight on this, trying to get the fur right. Still not happy. Better fur and better expression coming up soon :)


                                        While the E.T. is on hold. Here is my latest 3D model.


Couple of weeks back I watched Steven Spielberg's ET for the first time . The movie was made so well using practical effects. I tried to imagine how E.T. would have looked if the movie was perhaps remade now. So I started modelling one. Hoping to take it on to completion as I have lot of time now.


Two watercolors that had been pending upload .. No uploads for over 6 months ! Lot of things been going on. We won an Oscar for our work on Life of pi ! Yippeeee..

Completed work on RIPD and Percy Jackson. Check out the trailer for Percy Jackson here.

Vintage Camera

Five months in-the-making, my Vintage Camera is finally done. Modeled, Textured, Lit and Composited using Blender. Rendered using Cycles.


Testing clouds in Blender for another personal project. Not really impressed by Blender's cloud generator. Still gives a decent output. Rendered and composited in Blender.

Life of Pi

I was excited today as the first trailer of 'Life of Pi' came up on you tube. I worked on this movie for over 6 months, the hardest I have ever worked in my life. It was a great challenge for my studio to deliver computer generated imagery composited over live action footage. Waiting for the movie to hit theatres. People who have read the book would be excited to see the story on the silver screen.

Lost in Cybertron

After a long time here is a concept art work.
Imagine getting lost on Cybertron and being greeted by these huge alien robots.

Vintage Camera

A TLR camera modelled in Blender.. My love for vintage artifacts inspired me to create this..Hope to texture and light it soon..


After a long time here is a concept art.. A knightbot.. A reincarnation of the dauntless knights in a robot form..

A new home

Did this concept long back when I was about to shift to my new house ..Never got time to finish it.
So here it is..

Numaish 2012

Happy new year everyone ! Can't believe one year has passed.. I still remember posting pictures of last year's Numaish, an exhibition held here.. I went to the exhibition the past weekend with my friends and did a lot of photography.. Thanks to Chase Jarvis for inspiring me that the best camera in the world is the one that I have ! Check out my Flickr page for more pics : http://www.flickr.com/photos/avishjohn/sets/72157628776578575/

The ant

Life has been very hectic through the last one month.. No time to pause and think..Work is driving me crazy..I had been working like an ant  ..Haven't done any artwork in a long time.. This weekend I decided I should model something..Here it is.. an ant !

The Suzanne memorial

Tried my hand at texture painting today.. This feature seems to be very promising..

Cycles test render

Work has been so hectic during the last one month that I found time just to relax,after coming home..Haven't done any art work ( That makes me feel guilty )..Anyways did some test render using Cycles..

As the apple weeps

This art was inspired by the sudden demise of Steve Jobs..He is one of those great personalities whom I always admire.. I am always inspired when I listen to his Stanford University Graduation commencement speech..Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc

The boot

Here is a WIP of a boot model that I have been working on for a long time..Hope to move on to texturing soon.. Gonna give it a worn out look..

Pencil Jammers

During the last two weekends, I have been doing outdoor sketching along with other art enthusiasts as a part of Pencil Jammers, an online art community.. We met at shilparamam, HITEC city, hyderabad.. Capturing reality as strokes and splashes of colors was a nice experience..